Jun 07

New Meet Ups scheduled

The Des Moines and Quad Cities meet up groups will be holding there first meet ups: Quad Cities on June 30 and Des Moines on July 8. Meet ups are the very best way for preppers to gather information, share that information, and form cohesive groups that can support each other. There are other prepper groups in Iowa that have been around for a bit and they are doing a great job as well. I commend you all for your efforts. Be Prepared!


  1. Robert Lewis

    Do we have a time and address for this meet up?

  2. Robert Lewis

    Do we have a time and place?

  3. lee and ernie in cresco

    For all who did not make the meeting today, If you are looking for a place to order a vacuum pump from you can get them at this phone number 1-800-488-3407. ask them to mail you a catalog, it is item number 4-1817 on page 93 in their catalog for only $ 34.99. You can order a vacuum gauge ( in inches ) at Aqua Supercenter, Ø to 30 inches for $3.99. We found the wide mouth and regular small mouth jar sealer vacuum “lids” at amazon.com for about $9.00 each. any questions you may email us direct at leewalt@powerbank.net

    Fun to talk to people today, however, we feel we were really SCREWED ! We drove 3 $%^&$%#^ hours each way and when the two gals were done with their talk everyone thought it was over and we had brought a truck load of
    equipment to demo how we vacuum seal and can with dry ice. How can it work when we had 4 people to talk to, there was another group standing by the post talking and another group over at the table where we started.
    SO we drove for 6 hours to talk to 4 people about how we vacuum can with dry ice.
    I can tell you this, Cresco don’t have much but one thing we do have, the shelter in our park is wired for power !!
    Next time you must give much better directions so we can get to the RIGHT place in the park or where ever it is you need to remember that not everyone lives in Des Moines


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