May 15

Iowa State Coordinator Needed

I’m looking for a volunteer to act as the Iowa Prepperw Network State Coordinator. This job involves the duties of the state moderator, maintaining the IPN Blogs and Forums, assist in establishing meet up groups across the state, coordinate statewide meet ups, be the key person for the American Preppers Network in Iowa. Computer skills are required as well as some administrative or managerial skills. The State Coordinator reports to the APN Midwestern Regional Coordinator in the performance of his duties. This is a great way to help the prepper community. Please send me your name, phone number, email address, and write something about your skills and why you think you’d make a great State Coordinator. John Davis, APN Midwestern Regional Coordinator gaiusflavius@msn.com


  1. jeremiah


    Are you still looking for a Iowa Prepper Network State Coordinator?

    Thank You


  2. John Davis

    Jeremiah, Thanks for responding. Yes I am still looking for one. The positions require maintaining the blog and forums and post on the blog at least bi-monthly with information of interest to the preppers and to get people to start using the forum. Also to coordinate with the state meet up groups and provide support as needed and maintain a record of the groups, name of group leader, location, number of members, etc.

    Could you give me some more information about yourself.

    John Davis

  3. christi bender

    I am slso interested. I know its been a while since the post but I’m interested in helping out in any way

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