Sep 28

New Iowa Members

The Iowa Preppers Network Welcomes our Newest Members:


Hello there from Iowa,

I currently live in SE Iowa. New to prepping, but been into sustainable living for a while. I am awake now and realizing it is time to get it done. I am a single mom with an active 3 year old so I prep for two. I am in an Iowa Preppers yahoo group and we are working together to network Iowans. If we all work together we can get the supplies, training and moral support we need.

I would love to hear about others in Iowa and the surrounding areas. Blessings to all, Tabatha

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Hello All I am from the Quad Cities on the IA/IL border (the MI River). Experienced survivalist and outdoorsman. I am also a former Army Officer and teach Business Continuity/Emergency Preparedness at a local community college. I also developed the global emergency preparedness plan for a Global Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer (think Green) that included a global Pandemic Plan.

Good to meet everyone.


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Hi, I’m just getting into the whole survivalism, thing and this seems like the place to be.
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Hi all

I have been around a while lurking in the shadows, I currently live in MN but soon will be moving to IA. I look forward to learning from all of you and perhaps teaching a thing or two to some of you.

Be Prepared !
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  1. hawkeyeprepper

    Avid outdoorsman, but new to prepping and am on the steep side of the learning curve. Anxious to connect with other Iowa preppers and continue my prepper education, Feel free to email me at hawkeyeprepper@gmail.com

  2. far klar

    We’re in SW Iowa, on a limited income, but we’ve been prepping for over a year. We just keep on going, slowly but surely! So glad to have found this site!

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