Apr 19

Electric alternative SHTF transportation!

converted-electric-car129x120This is just a little something I thought I would share from American Preppers Radio!

Looking for alternative SHTF transportation?  What would you do if gasoline is no longer available?  Join GoatHollow and The Surreal News  this Wednesday (March 27) at 8:00 Central time, his guests will be not one but two owners of electric converted cars!!!  One is a Volkswagon Beetle, and the other a Geo Tracker.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how to convert a car to electric, or what it’s like to own one…Listen to this show in player below!

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Jan 30

Hello everyone and Welcome to 2013

Well we survived 2012 with no problems. Now we have to look forward to some of the strangest weather on record, global recession fears, etc. I’ve found that people in the Midwest are actually growing in numbers. I’ve been approving a number of posts in MO and glad to see that the meetup groups are expanding. I want to congratulate everyone for a job well done. But let’s not sit on our laurels, there is still plenty of things to do and lots of sharing of information. Keep up the good work. Bravo Zulu john davis

Jul 08

There’s No Tomorrow

I just saw a most interesting short documentary on You Tube called There’s No Tomorrow. This is an animated documentary dealing with energy and economics. I checked all the facts and they are true. It can be a bit frightening to some but well worth watching.

Jun 24

HAM Operators Needed

If we loose cell phones, etc. due to natural disasters and TSHTF how can preppers communicate or support our local community? What if an EMP event happens and out electronics are fried, what do we do? The answer is HAM operators. HAM operators have been in existence since before WW2 and is a means of communicating around the world easily. We have a couple of HAM operators in Iowa but we need a network of HAM operators for a continuance of communication. Are there any other HAM operators out there? Are there people that want to be HAM operators? We need your input.

Jun 07

New State Coordinator Appointed

Todd Osborn form the Quad Cities area has been appointed the new Iowa State Coordinator. Todd has a solid background in prepping plus is retired military. He will take over my temporary duties and I have every faith that he will do a first class job.

Jun 07

New Meet Ups scheduled

The Des Moines and Quad Cities meet up groups will be holding there first meet ups: Quad Cities on June 30 and Des Moines on July 8. Meet ups are the very best way for preppers to gather information, share that information, and form cohesive groups that can support each other. There are other prepper groups in Iowa that have been around for a bit and they are doing a great job as well. I commend you all for your efforts. Be Prepared!

May 22

WQAD-TV Quad City News Dept Does a POSITIVE story on prepping

This past Monday night, WQAD-TV did an excellent news story on what prepping is really about. The media can be a real positive way to getting the word out about prepping but it takes work on both sides. Here’s the website http://wqad.com/2012/05/21/doomsday-preppers-more-fiction-than-reality

May 15

Iowa State Coordinator Needed

I’m looking for a volunteer to act as the Iowa Prepperw Network State Coordinator. This job involves the duties of the state moderator, maintaining the IPN Blogs and Forums, assist in establishing meet up groups across the state, coordinate statewide meet ups, be the key person for the American Preppers Network in Iowa. Computer skills are required as well as some administrative or managerial skills. The State Coordinator reports to the APN Midwestern Regional Coordinator in the performance of his duties. This is a great way to help the prepper community. Please send me your name, phone number, email address, and write something about your skills and why you think you’d make a great State Coordinator. John Davis, APN Midwestern Regional Coordinator gaiusflavius@msn.com

Apr 25

Staewide Meet Up Postoned

Hi folks, I had a pretty bad accident yesterday and landed in the hospital and will be in physical therapy for a couple of weeks and can’t drive. As a result the statewide meet up is postponed. I encourage all of you to form local meet up groups for community. I will be available later in May to come help you set them up, if desired. John Davis

Apr 15

Thurman, IA destroyed by tornado

I live in SW IA in Fremont County. On Saturday a massive weather front barreled through our area for most of the day into Sunday morning. The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning just in time for the people of Thurman (pop 250) to take cover. Prior to hitting the town it tossed 5 semi on the interstate about like toys injuring all the drivers and closed the interstate. In Thurman 75% of the town was destroyed and 15% more severely damaged. I wish there were some preppers there, or they had training. They were safe but have nothing to sustain them as all power and water is out and they can’t get into their homes. Makes you want to think.

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